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Didn’t we hear that you are a Southern Belle? There certainly is that rumor floating about. I did attend boarding school in Virginia, my husband and I lived in Atlanta for a few years, and sometimes—after a few glasses of wine—an acquired Southern accent seems to emerge. But, in truth, I’m Canadian, born in Montreal. 

You’ve appeared on stage and on screen. As an actress in New York, what did you learn that influences your design work today?  The creation of an environment and experience has become indelibly transferable. Whether as an interior designer or an actress, I draw upon the wherewithal to provide a scene, evoke a mood and affect one’s life in a long-term, positive manner. And, as always, no matter what, the show must go on!

Back to the South for a minute. Is your husband Southern? Perhaps this is the source of the rumor. My husband is, indeed, 100 percent Southern, hailing from Charlotte, North Carolina!

How is it different raising a family in New York than in, say, Atlanta? It’s easier in the sense that you can have anything under the sun delivered straight to your residence, and since 99.9 percent of the time you’re on foot, you really don’t have to mess with car seats.

Your work is so modern and yet classic. Is this a winning combo? It’s what comes naturally to me, and my clients seem to think so. Knock on wood that it continues!

What journey led you to design fabric for Holland & Sherry, and what is similar about your two aesthetics? I was fortunate to have been approached by them. (It must’ve been all those trips to the D&D building in New York!) The line is represented at Travis & Company in Atlanta. Our similarities are apparent through the depth and twists of the color palette we selected.

Your lighting collection is so elegant. Did you have trouble finding quality designs?  Thank you, that is very kind of you. I had no trouble finding the designs; as they are each my own, they had been lodged in my mind for some time. It was more about allowing the creative floodgates to finally open, letting the deluge happen, becoming excited about the ideas being released and watching them evolve.

How did you choose your lighting collection’s home with The Urban Electric Co.? I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else. I’ve always admired their quality and how beyond fabulous a company they are to work with.

What is going to be your inspiration for your upcoming linens collection? At heart, I am a devotee of solid white sheets but the urge to add a touch of color was something I couldn’t resist. The line will use color in a sophisticated fashion and will make linens more personal.

What’s next for the irrepressible Ms. Amanda? Stay tuned for new additions to our product lines, and something extra special and addictive in the realm of social media. 

Where are you taking the kids for spring break? Since “Snowpocolypse 2010” thwarted our family holiday trip to Vail, perhaps we’ll go there. Maybe our luggage will still be there waiting for us!

How do you do all your work and still manage to be New York’s “Hostess with the Mostest?”
Awe, thanks. Could it be the several cups of coffee
throughout the day and wine for the evening?

What’s next? Sleep? Truth be told, I am just back from my first detox camp “adventure” in February, where—despite the lack of vices—there was an abundance of sleep! Now we’ll see what happens to the “Hostess with the Mostest” compliment.

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